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this is exciting! This is the first time that I'm using the blog feature for my website and I see that I can limit access to this entire section of blogs to ONLY those that supported me in pre-pre-ordering the Pop-Up Studio! This is where I'll discuss the development, where I'll pose ideas, surveys, etc. and determine how to go about solving common challenges around the Pop-Up Studio!

Now... I'm going to be as transparent as possible. I prioritize results and actually making something people want to buy. So I want your engagement AND help in the development process of this product! :) :)

So, let's get started! :)

Phone & Port

Tester This is just a tester
Cool! Just testy


Pop-Up Studio


Target Customers:

Product Photographers

Catalog Photographers

Etsy Shop Owners

Amazon Store Owners

Small Business Owners

Pop-Up Studio

Length: 36”

Width: 24”

Make is to the front panel can be completely zipped down to expose the entire front.

Have velcro strips on at 24” and also at 36” to swap out backdrops.

Have there be windows that zip down on the side panels for side shooting.

Have the roof come off that can an entire refector/diffuser. that simply attaches back on w/ velcro.

Price it at $100.00

Make it so it collapses into a bag no larger than Ø12”.

Pop-Up Light Cone

Bottom Diameter: Ø24”

Length: 18”

Top Diameter: Ø12”

Make it out of the diffuser material.

Have it be like the retractable Tunnel… that collapses and then folds down into a tiny pack.

Use/Modfiy the copy from the video below.

The Karl Taylor Light Cone

Price it $74.99;

… and DONE.

190T polyester taffeta PA coated


Just watch the video here; 

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