Designed, built and tested just for you. No matter your style, subject or setting — your camera gear is


It's not called the Universal Lens Cap for nothin’. Micro & Magnum can cover your smallest and largest lenses.

One size fits all

It's not called the Universal Lens Cap for nothin’. Now, have it cover your smallest or largest lenses.

Best fits lenses 54mm-76mm

Best fits lenses 72mm-122mm

Protection from the elements

Shield your lenses from water, dust and dirt! With a tight seal on your lens, the Universal Lens Cap confidently blocks out the elements.

Never falls off. Never lose it.

Made to grab onto any lens and stay on. Once it’s on, it’s guaranteed to hold strong, gripping your lenses tight for absolute security.

All with a lifetime warranty

If you have any problems with any of your KUVRD gear, we'll replace it for free... forever!

Reimagined for a better experience

Since our initial success with the original version, we've redesigned Micro and Magnum from the ground up.


thicker with widened side-wall columns.


sizes for the best fit on different sized lenses.


stretchier to cover even more of your lens.


taller for a better stretch and more secure fit.


icons to color and organize your lenses.


more durable with high grade silicone material.

30-day money back guarantee

If you're not happy with your product, simply reach out to us and we'll get it sorted out in your favor.

When it comes to protecting your lens

Size doesn't matter