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ULC 2.0 - Magnum [6-Pack]

$180 $126

The Universal Lens Cap 2.0 is the best way to cover and protect your camera lenses. Period. It's designed to fit most any DSLR & Full Frame Mirrorless Camera lens with an airtight/waterproof seal, holding up to elements the most ambitious photographers might endure.

You may regret freezing your extremities off in a hailstorm just to get that perfect shot, but you won't regret bringing this lens cap. That we can promise.

99% of camera lenses 72mm-122mm
Perfect for most DSLR, mirrorless, cine, and super telephoto lenses commonly used for sports and wildlife!

Or, click here to buy a Micro size (for 54mm-76mm lenses).

Since our initial success with the first Universal Lens Cap (ULC V1), we listened to your feedback and designed the ULC V2 from the ground up.

  • 2 sizes for a better fit
  • Thicker wall for extra protection
  • 25% taller for a secure fit
  • More durable material
  • 25% stretchier
  • Easier to customize and organize

Get dirty; your lens won't; With a tight seal around your lens, The ULC 2.0 prevents water, mud, and the finest dust and sand from scratching & mucking up your lens; The ULC works as both a front & rear lens cap, and you can even double up for max security

The ULC 2.0 absorbs most blunt-force trauma that could occur to both the front and exterior sides of the lens when dropped; It can even stretch over traditional lens caps for impact protection; Works with lens hoods, ND filters, and camera flashes.

This lens cap is guaranteed to perform under the toughest conditions nature might throw at you; Any issues, and KUVRD will replace it for free, forever